The 5 Best Materials for Athletic Apparel and Sports Uniform

The 5 Best Materials for Athletic Apparel and Sports Uniform

Athletic apparel must be able to withstand higher amounts of stress and strain, which means the materials used to make it need to be of a higher caliber. Which one is best? Whether you’re shopping for athletic apparel or simply curious, here are five materials to choose from.

Moisture Wicking Polyester

Moisture wicking polyester is the best type of fabric for athletes who want the durability of high-quality team uniforms without sacrificing their own personal comfort. This material is a solid fabric that allows sweat to wick away from the skin for more efficient evaporation.

Double-Knit Polyester

Double-knit polyester is the fabric of choice for teams who require extremely durable athletic uniforms. Sports such as lacrosse, with more than 25,000 players across the nation, has this fabric in high demand when their season starts.

Mesh Polyester

Mesh polyester was the fabric of choice before moisture wicking polyester was available for athletic apparel. The mesh fabric allows air to flow through team apparel, circulating air to the skin quickly and allowing for maximum cooling. However, this fabric isn’t as durable as the previously mentioned materials. Mesh polyester jerseys can also collect odors if you put off laundry day.


These fabrics are similar to 100% cotton blends, but have several added benefits. In addition to being breathable and comfortable, they are far less prone to shrinking. Not only that, but they are often more durable than plain cotton uniforms.

Air-Knit Polyester

Air knit polyester has all but replaced double-knit polyester in sports like hockey. This fabric, unlike double-knit, has small perforations in it that allow for better airflow without sacrificing the durability that custom team uniforms often require.

While these materials are more expensive than the 1920 price of a baseball ticket, they are more than worth it for teams who require the highest-quality athletic apparel. A uniform should allow an athlete to perform without being hindered by apparel or overheating, and these materials can do just that.


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